Sidi Touré

Sidi Touré

Sidi Touré is a superstar in his native Mali. He wants to see Malian singers start making music again, as was impossible with the presence of Al Qaeda and other Islamists.
We encourage Malians to continue their culture, and show strong opposition to Islamists.


3 thoughts on “Sidi Touré

  1. naizer pakistani says:

    you ugly black indian brahmin hindu dog nobody cares what a curry munching , smelly , short black animal (indian) thinks of (LOL)

  2. markx says:

    Today God has a super enemy ,the serpent that deceived Adam and Eve to eat the fobidden fruit this serpent make use of a vioent religion to destroy humanity

  3. markx says:

    Anyone can claim that he is a prophet but what did Muhammed have to claim or convince people he was a prophet

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