The REALITY of the Islamic Society of North America

The Islamic society of North America (ISNA) identifies itself as a Muslim Charity group in the USA and Canada, but in reality it is far from it. It has been systematically adding Shariah to North American values in general. 

The Islamic Society of North America has STRONG ties with U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama, and Canadian Liberal Leader, Justin Trudeau. Ihsan Bagby is a key member of ISNA, he is currently situated in the White House, as the President’s advisor. 

Just a few weeks ago, the Canadian Revenue Agency had revoked ISNA’s status as a charity, and any one who has donated to it, will not receive a tax receipt next May. ISNA’s status was revoked because of ties to a terror group in Pakistan, a terror group that has been previously convicted of having ties to Al Qaeda, and the killings and persecution of minorities such as Hindus, Sikhs and Christians. This terror group also has killed many Indian Soldiers in Kashmir, for India is a strong Infidel Hindu Dominant nation, our ultimate friend in Asia. This may be another reason why Barack Obama has also forgotten that INDIA is the ally of the USA, and Pakistan which is India’s enemy, and also hid the world’s most wanted man for 10 years has never been funded by any previous President. 




The Radical Ihsan Bagby, the advisor of President Obama. 



Hindus identify this terror group as the ‘Kashmiri Taliban’. 



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