Islam is REALLY banned in Angola

Islam is REALLY banned in Angola

Despite what some African media outlets may say, Angola has successfully banned Islam, and the demolition of Mosques have begun.

The Embassy of the Republic of Angola in Delhi replied to our email on Tuesday confirming the information to us, the act was justified under the constitution of Angola. Muslim-Christian riots were common in Africa.

In most Muslim countries other religions are prohibited. People who believe in other ideas such as Christianity, Judaism, homosexuality, paganism, Hinduism, Buddhism etc are immediately hanged. An example is the young Christian mother of two in Pakistan who was sentenced to death by the government of Pakistan because the village people had suspected she was a Christian and burnt pages of the Qur’an.

The attitudes of the Muslim community in Angola even before the banning of Islam told their barbaric story.

“We collected the blood from the Christians, we butchered them, and drank it.” – Nasir Isiaku.

Nasir was a Muslim leader in Angola, the man who took part in fuelling anti-Christian hatred that part of Africa.

Islam is treason, is it time ALL non-Muslim countries ban Islam?


8 thoughts on “Islam is REALLY banned in Angola

  1. carl davis says:

    Destroy Islam at all costs.

  2. Begum Nusrat Sayed Abdullah says:

    Banning Islam is banning Peace,God & a straight Path to lead a successful life.

  3. Banning Islam is banning Ignorant Supremacist Lunatic Antisocial Misogyny. I.S.L.A.M. A mind-altering drug that turns human brains into mush. The best initiative for any supposedly “progressive” country is to ban this mental disease from its society once and for all.

  4. wxw wee says:

    Islam a religion of peace whould be called a cult of war

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