9 Indications the twenty-first century will be the century when Islam is destroyed

It all starts from the Internet, the free-flow of information throughout the world. Many things have already begun in 2014 that may indicate the future of this century.

1) SOCHI OLYMPIC GAMES – separatist Muslims are threatening to attack the Olympics during Sochi, already two Russian transit systems have been attacked, and threats have been also sent to other countries. Russian President Vladimir Putin has vowed to destroy the terrorists in Chechnya, and after the Olympics, declare war on Saudi Arabia, and destroy them.

2) THE RISE OF BUDDHIST NATIONALISM IN SOUTH-EAST ASIA – in Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and other countries, the Buddhist Nationalists are awakening, this has created political tensions between Buddhists and Muslims, the Buddhists are now realising that their ancestors suffered due to Islam, they still continue to, and they cannot let the Khalifah spread again.

3) CHRISTIAN REVOLUTIONARY ARMY in CENTRAL REPUBLIC OF AFRICA – Muslim armies are massing, and the counter-Jihad Christian army is defending itself, they have begun the destruction of the Mosques, and neighbouring Christian countries, and Muslim countries will also get involved to create continent wide tension for peace.


4) NARENDRA MODI to BECOME THE PRIME MINISTER OF INDIA – Narendra Modi is currently the CM of Gujarat, a Hindu Nationalist, he is critical of Islam, and Indian Muslims, he served in the Indian Army as a young man when India was fighting Pakistan over Kashmir (the war where Pakistan surrendered and cried like little babies), the Indian General Elections are scheduled for May 15th, 2014, and according to several polls conducted by the Indian media, he is the number one choice. He was also accused of fuelling the 2002 Godhra riots between Hindus and Muslims.


5) AWAKENING of SERBIAN CHRISTIANS – the Christians of Serbia will take Kosovo back from the Bosnian Muslims who destroyed their country, they have had enough, soon the Serbian Revolution shall begin again.


6) CHINA WILL CONTINUE TO DISCOURAGE ISLAM – during Eid ul fitra in 2013, China discouraged Muslims to celebrate, they banned veils and public celebrations, and will continue to in the coming years.


7) CANADIAN PM STEPHEN HARPER in ISRAEL – PM Stephen Harper said some meaningful words  in support of Israel, he said quote, “Through fire and water, Canada will stand with Israel.” which pissed two Palestinian members off so much, they jumped up and left the room.


8) TONY ABBOTT, PM of AUSTRALIA will BACKLASH TO INDONESIAN MUSLIM IMMIGRANTS – for a long time we all know, Indonesia a 87.5% Muslim country has been sending large ships full of illegals to Australia, meanwhile back in Indonesia, they burn the Aussie flag. Now that Australia has Tony Abbott, this will be over with!


9) ANGOLA will CONTINUE to DEMOLISH MOSQUES – last year, Angola banned Islam, and they will continue to de-Islamisicise their country!



18 thoughts on “9 Indications the twenty-first century will be the century when Islam is destroyed

  1. cyberescue says:

    And in the UK, nationalist parties like Britain First are confronting extremeists Choudary and Izadeen face to face outside their homes. Threats from islam in the UK are big, but when confronted, they appear to become cowards and back off. It is very very sad that the EU allows Islam to grow in Europe, with over 50,000,000 in situe. Obama is, undoubtedly, a muslim and is now stripping US citizens of their constitutional rights – including pilots. . Cameron, the pathetic, weak minded, wimp, toes after Obama and won’t put a foot wrong, for fear of losing the US as an allie – what allie?? Obama is hell bent on turning the US into Ameristan! The UK will go the same way, unless the far right banish the eu’s powers and form a European allegiance.
    Vive Marine Le Penn!! I sincerely hope she wins the next French elections. Islam out. All other faiths in.

  2. cyberescue says:

    In the UK nationalist parties, such as Britain First are confronting extremeists Choudary and Izadeen face to face at their homes in North East London. The threats from islam in the UK are big, but when they are confronted, they appear to back off in a cowardly fashion.
    It is very very sad that the EU politics allows islam to thrive in Europe. There are now around 50,000,000 muzrats. Barrack Obama is, undoubtedly, a Muslim and is hell bent on turning America into Ameristan. American citizens, including pilots are being stripped of constitutional rights. In the UK, Cameron, the weak minded, pathetic wimp, toes after Obama, scared that he’ll lose America as an allie. What allie? If the US becomes Islamic, Cameron will have to follow, like a pathetic little dog.
    Our only hope in Europe is Marine Le Pen. I sincerely hope she wins the next French elections and forms an allegiance with other countries and parties, such as Paul Weston’s Liberty GB.
    Vive Marine Le Pen! Islam out. All other faiths in.

  3. Roger says:

    Islam will disappear because it is totally an antihumane doctrine that teaches to rape women, destroy children and animals and kill others who do not believe in this dangerous ideology. Farewell to Islam!

  4. The finishing touch will be the return of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

  5. john may says:

    the civilised world will not allow itself to be hijacked back to the stone age.

  6. Ian says:

    Regrettably, religion is here to stay! The nuttier the rules, the more dogged are the faithful. Why not look for some evidence of gods before carrying on like an arctic chook!

  7. petalsdad1 says:

    all Muslims must be pushed back where they belong. in the third world Islamic states they have crawled out of. they colonise countries and when they reach large enough numbers they then try to bring those countries back to the 1400s. we do not want or need Islamic laws. we do not want or the murdering raping wife abusers.

  8. Jen says:

    Norway has had enough now too

  9. MANVI says:


  10. Lim Redr says:

    I don’t know about the others but the angola story turned out to be fake.

  11. Christian says:

    Islam is nothing more then the ravings of a psychotic, pedophiliac, power-mad desert chieftain. It is stolen, plagiarized and fantasized and brought together inappropriately and idiotically. It belongs in the trash-bin of history and will be there soon.

  12. […] 9 Indications the twenty-first century will be the century when Islam is destroyed. […]

  13. Buba says:

    Banning Islam is the only way.

  14. kumarmukesh65@hotmail.com says:

    Good news



  16. Peace Lover says:

    Is not new to me as I had predicted this outcome much earlier that the whole World will go against Islamic countries due to their combination of politics & religions and their faith that only one God other than theirs to instill/force people to accept it. Worst when the loose terrorists by their faith think that they are doing God a good favour by announcing “Jihad” which leads them to fight & kill for a good cause, believing that they will go to heaven for that, coupled with their extreme sensitivity towards provocation of any kind towards their religion. They had already been brain washed from young. To those educated moderate muslims with rational thinking, I feel very sorry for you. You can’t stop it even if you wanted to, as those higher power majority have a better say.

    To all those with Christians faith, you are also not excluded as your teachings are similar to muslim’s faith. In fact, you are part of the religion that branches out. As I always quoted, ” Our World will be a better place to live in if everybody place less importance on religion and take religion as a guidance in our lives”, not more than that. In this way, no hatred, no competition, no extremism, etc.

    Learn from the Buddhism way of life. It does not preach or force people to join them. If anyone believe in Buddhism, they have their own free will to join. Otherwise, you can choose your own way to go about. You are free to come & go as you wish. No obligation. Most important is believe.
    Last but not least, why should mankind place so much importance in religion until they are willing to kill each other for that. I believe any religion forbids anyone to kill. (Thou shall not kill). If by believing in religion that leads to killing, then might as well don’t believe in any religion. Its people with political motives and to gain power uses religion as their tool to manipulate others, as they know that most people believe in them. That’s their best weapon to be in control.

    To all mankind, please think moderately in your believe as we are killing each other in the name of God, and destroying our own planet.

  17. markx says:

    Muslims are parasite and breed excesively and one destroy the host

  18. markx says:

    Islam is invented to destroy hummanity

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