Muslims riot around the world – “Religion of Peace”

Muslims have once again proved how dangerous and vile they are. Around the world, Muslims have been rioting, day and night, these are anti-Semite riots, Infidelophobic riots. French police use tear gas to combat anti-Israel protesters who were destroying cars, violently throwing chairs and using force against Jewish people. Jewish stores robbed in Paris. Protests go violent in London, Chile and Belgium. Pro-Palestinian protesters attack pro-Israeli protesters in Canada, USA, and India. This all together shows the intolerance of Muslim extremists in the West. 


The picture above shows Muslims rioting in Paris, protesters shouted out “death to the Jews”, “death to Israel”, and threw rocks at Jewish businesses, and people minding their own business in the area. On July 13th, pro-Hamas protesters swarmed two synagogues in Paris and clashed with Israeli supporters. Since then France has banned pro-Palestinian demonstrations and has said the perpetrators of the violence will be punished. We say it is too late. 

France Muslim protests

More from the riots in Paris. Jewish businesses are being looted and destroyed by protesters over the Gaza conflict. 

Muslim protest in Kensington

Now over to London, England where 15,000 Muslim pro-Palestinian protesters gathered in the heart of London (Kensington), shouting out “death to Israel”. As this mob proceeded, many shops and cars were vandalised, the police were helpless, and had no way to control them. It shows how Muslims have more authority than British police these days on the streets of London. 

Pro-Israeli protester attacked

The picture above is a patriotic pro-Israeli protester in Belfast. She was swarmed by the Muslim protesters and was abused. British authorities did nothing. 


Ahmad Abuleil waves a Palestinian flag as he leads Amira Sakalla, head of University of Tennessee. Shows how biased American universities are against Israel and the Jews. 

Pali rioters in Chicago

Meanwhile in Chicago, pro-Hamas rioters attacked Israeli protesters, eventually conflict was broken up by police, Israeli protesters kept it peaceful and did not use violence. 

Pali House Blog TO

Three pro-Israeli protesters were injured during a protest in front of the Palestine House in Toronto. Israeli protesters gathered in front of the house, when pro-Hamas people came out of the house and started pushing them around, the police eventually broke up the violence, and two Muslims were charged with assault. 


These Palestinian protesters attacked pro-Israeli protesters in Vancouver. 

Muslim beats a Jew

Above a Hamas protester beats a Canadian pro-Israeli protester in Calgary, Canada. 

There have been many more riots by protesters in Chile, Norway, India, and Spain. Of course there were riots in the Muslim countries too, but we’ll leave them out for now. 



‘Muslim rioters in France should be jailed’

EDITORIAL – Did you see how the Arab Muslim anti-Semites rioted in response to a peaceful demonstration held in favour of Israel? Well if you haven’t I suggest you do (video posted at the bottom of the page), and write a status or a tweet about it. Muslims have yet again proved that they are not compatible with modern day society, they have proved that they are barbarians and an evil cult. These protesters have proven that their religion poses a severe threat to French society and deserve to have their rights taken away. 

France has been so focused on multiculturalism, but my friends, realise that waving a Jihad flag, throwing chairs and batons, stabbing random people in the throat are NOT multiculturalism, it is HATE! The earlier France realises this, the better, I just hope it isn’t too late. 

My solution to this is to lock them up! Jail them, and deport the foreign ones. This sort of cult has no place in a civilised Western country, they should leave France, leave Britain, leave America, and leave every country they don’t belong in. Hamas is active under different names around the world, and they are plotting against us, so it is the duty of Western governments to crack down on them, or it will be too late. 

– Panchajanyam Dasa. 

Muslim Riot in front of French Synagogue


Supreme Court of India makes Shariah courts illegal

NEW DELHI – The Supreme Court of India has ruled that Shariah courts and Fatwas (rules made by Islamic scholars) are in violation of the Indian Constitution, and have no value under Indian law.

Judge C.K. Prasad said Shariah court rulings will no longer be values by Indian secular law, but if individuals choose to follow it, it is up to them.

The case date backs to 2005, when a woman who was raped by her father-in-law was sentenced to live with him as his wife. The family objected to the ruling and took their case to the Supreme Court.

India is a Hindu majority country, 80%, Islam is the second largest religion at 15%. This move is seen as de-Islamisation by many Hindutva Nationalist groups, many Muslim groups have been vocally against this, and blame the new PM Narendra Modi for making Muslims feel insignificant in India.