‘Muslim rioters in France should be jailed’

EDITORIAL – Did you see how the Arab Muslim anti-Semites rioted in response to a peaceful demonstration held in favour of Israel? Well if you haven’t I suggest you do (video posted at the bottom of the page), and write a status or a tweet about it. Muslims have yet again proved that they are not compatible with modern day society, they have proved that they are barbarians and an evil cult. These protesters have proven that their religion poses a severe threat to French society and deserve to have their rights taken away. 

France has been so focused on multiculturalism, but my friends, realise that waving a Jihad flag, throwing chairs and batons, stabbing random people in the throat are NOT multiculturalism, it is HATE! The earlier France realises this, the better, I just hope it isn’t too late. 

My solution to this is to lock them up! Jail them, and deport the foreign ones. This sort of cult has no place in a civilised Western country, they should leave France, leave Britain, leave America, and leave every country they don’t belong in. Hamas is active under different names around the world, and they are plotting against us, so it is the duty of Western governments to crack down on them, or it will be too late. 

– Panchajanyam Dasa. 

Muslim Riot in front of French Synagogue



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