Muslims riot around the world – “Religion of Peace”

Muslims have once again proved how dangerous and vile they are. Around the world, Muslims have been rioting, day and night, these are anti-Semite riots, Infidelophobic riots. French police use tear gas to combat anti-Israel protesters who were destroying cars, violently throwing chairs and using force against Jewish people. Jewish stores robbed in Paris. Protests go violent in London, Chile and Belgium. Pro-Palestinian protesters attack pro-Israeli protesters in Canada, USA, and India. This all together shows the intolerance of Muslim extremists in the West. 


The picture above shows Muslims rioting in Paris, protesters shouted out “death to the Jews”, “death to Israel”, and threw rocks at Jewish businesses, and people minding their own business in the area. On July 13th, pro-Hamas protesters swarmed two synagogues in Paris and clashed with Israeli supporters. Since then France has banned pro-Palestinian demonstrations and has said the perpetrators of the violence will be punished. We say it is too late. 

France Muslim protests

More from the riots in Paris. Jewish businesses are being looted and destroyed by protesters over the Gaza conflict. 

Muslim protest in Kensington

Now over to London, England where 15,000 Muslim pro-Palestinian protesters gathered in the heart of London (Kensington), shouting out “death to Israel”. As this mob proceeded, many shops and cars were vandalised, the police were helpless, and had no way to control them. It shows how Muslims have more authority than British police these days on the streets of London. 

Pro-Israeli protester attacked

The picture above is a patriotic pro-Israeli protester in Belfast. She was swarmed by the Muslim protesters and was abused. British authorities did nothing. 


Ahmad Abuleil waves a Palestinian flag as he leads Amira Sakalla, head of University of Tennessee. Shows how biased American universities are against Israel and the Jews. 

Pali rioters in Chicago

Meanwhile in Chicago, pro-Hamas rioters attacked Israeli protesters, eventually conflict was broken up by police, Israeli protesters kept it peaceful and did not use violence. 

Pali House Blog TO

Three pro-Israeli protesters were injured during a protest in front of the Palestine House in Toronto. Israeli protesters gathered in front of the house, when pro-Hamas people came out of the house and started pushing them around, the police eventually broke up the violence, and two Muslims were charged with assault. 


These Palestinian protesters attacked pro-Israeli protesters in Vancouver. 

Muslim beats a Jew

Above a Hamas protester beats a Canadian pro-Israeli protester in Calgary, Canada. 

There have been many more riots by protesters in Chile, Norway, India, and Spain. Of course there were riots in the Muslim countries too, but we’ll leave them out for now. 



‘Muslim rioters in France should be jailed’

EDITORIAL – Did you see how the Arab Muslim anti-Semites rioted in response to a peaceful demonstration held in favour of Israel? Well if you haven’t I suggest you do (video posted at the bottom of the page), and write a status or a tweet about it. Muslims have yet again proved that they are not compatible with modern day society, they have proved that they are barbarians and an evil cult. These protesters have proven that their religion poses a severe threat to French society and deserve to have their rights taken away. 

France has been so focused on multiculturalism, but my friends, realise that waving a Jihad flag, throwing chairs and batons, stabbing random people in the throat are NOT multiculturalism, it is HATE! The earlier France realises this, the better, I just hope it isn’t too late. 

My solution to this is to lock them up! Jail them, and deport the foreign ones. This sort of cult has no place in a civilised Western country, they should leave France, leave Britain, leave America, and leave every country they don’t belong in. Hamas is active under different names around the world, and they are plotting against us, so it is the duty of Western governments to crack down on them, or it will be too late. 

– Panchajanyam Dasa. 

Muslim Riot in front of French Synagogue


Supreme Court of India makes Shariah courts illegal

NEW DELHI – The Supreme Court of India has ruled that Shariah courts and Fatwas (rules made by Islamic scholars) are in violation of the Indian Constitution, and have no value under Indian law.

Judge C.K. Prasad said Shariah court rulings will no longer be values by Indian secular law, but if individuals choose to follow it, it is up to them.

The case date backs to 2005, when a woman who was raped by her father-in-law was sentenced to live with him as his wife. The family objected to the ruling and took their case to the Supreme Court.

India is a Hindu majority country, 80%, Islam is the second largest religion at 15%. This move is seen as de-Islamisation by many Hindutva Nationalist groups, many Muslim groups have been vocally against this, and blame the new PM Narendra Modi for making Muslims feel insignificant in India.


Anti-Islam movements spark up throughout Asia

Since May, 2014, anti-Islam movements have sparked up across Sri Lanka, Myanmar, India and China. Buddhists in Sri Lanka have united against Muslim occupiers, and have successfully banned Halal. On June 17th, 2014, the Burmese government gave a stern “no” to the Obama administration forcing a constitutional change upon them. On May 16th, Narendra Modi, a staunch patriot, accused of triggering violence in a Muslim part of Gujarat, won the largest democratic election in world history by a landslide. Him and his Hindu Nationalist ideology has won the hearts of hundreds of millions of Indians. Hundreds of Hindu protesters gather at Mosques throughout India and Nepal to demonstrate. 

COLOMBO – Fresh riots occurs as angry Sinhalese Buddhist Nationalist Group, the Bodu Bala Sena (Buddha’s Army) attack a Mosque in the capital city of Sri Lanka, Colombo. The uprising was triggered due to the widespread usage of Halal products in Sri Lanka, as Buddhist children are being forced to consume Halal products at school. The anti-Buddhist government of Sri Lanka took the side of the Muslims, and sent the entire city’s police force to control the “violent” Buddhists, which resulted in a curfew being placed on Buddhist protester. The demonstrators promise this will not be the last riot. Image


The United Nations has demanded for action after this, yet they were silent when Muslims were killing millions of Buddhists, Christians and Hindus in their own countries. “Radical hypocrisy,” says Canadian Hindu, Rakesh Kumar Vallabh, “I have never seen such ignorance in my life, and it’s done by the ones who are supposed to keep the world united.”

Just recently Myanmar’s government ignored a request by the Obama administration to make constitutional changes. Of course this proposed change was probably meant to give Muslims in Burma more rights, but the Buddhists know better!


Here is the biggest event of this year. Narendra Modi – PM of India. Yes, on May 16, 2014, the controversial Hindu Nationalist Modi was elected as the 15th PM of India, which makes Muslims feel uneasy after the Gujarat riots in 2002. In fact, out of the MPs of this elections, for the first time in over 50 years, India has seen the LOWEST number of Muslim MPs, and a record high number of first-time women MPs. Indian Muslims say the Hindu Nationalists will make Muslims unimportant, and will virtually exclude the Muslims from Indian society.


Of course this has given extra confidence to right-wing Hindu Nationalist groups, like the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. Below is a photo of Hindus marching in front of the “Big Mosque” in Karnataka, India. Hundreds of demonstrations like these have taken place across India and Nepal.


More protests are expected. 


No Freedom for Christians in Kazakhstan

Christians in Kazakhstan are longing for equality and freedom after a series of government attacks on Kazakhstan’s dwindling Christian communities. Kazakhstan consists of a 70% Muslim population, 24% Christian, and the other 6% contains atheists, Jews, Hindus, and Pagans. 

Christians, and other minorities have been persecuted in Kazakhstan for many years during 1920`s, that was under Stalin`s rule, but mostly recently a new form of hatred against Christians has arose, and that come from the Islamic majority. 


Here comes a photo from Asia News that exposes how Christians are treated by officials in Kazakhstan. Baptists, Orthodox Christians, and Hare Krishnas (a Hindu movement) have been persecuted in Kazakhstan, the report also reads that the Methodist Church is also under the spotlight of police. 

Christians are also being jailed for practising their religion, here is another report: 

A nineteen-year-old Baptist man was fined for attending a worship meeting without permission from the government. As a matter of principle he opted for civil disobedience and refused to pay the fines. “Council of Churches Baptists think such fines are wrong, as neither Kazakhstan’s Constitution nor the country’s international human rights obligations allow punishments for exercising human rights without state permission.” As punishment, the man was sentenced to 10 days in prison.

And another one: 

Twelve icons and three Bibles were confiscated from a bookstore in Kazakhstan and have not yet been returned. “The Kazakh state must defend our citizens from harmful materials,” an official said. The bookstore owner faces an administrative case and heavy fines. 

According to the Kazakh Constitution, any books are illegal unless declared legal by the government, therefore the Bible, theTorah and the Bhagavad Gita are illegal scriptures according to Kazakh law. 

Another report by News Asia also reports the following: 

Last March, in less than a week, five Baptists in the northern region of Akmola were stopped because “distributing Christian literature” in the street. The police requisitioned the books (one hundred in all) and local sources add, arrested two of them “as if they were criminals.” The judiciary has opened an investigation and they risk a conviction in criminal court: the distribution of Christian material, in Kazakhstan, is now a crime punishable by law. Copies of the Bible in Kazakh and the Gospels in Russian were also seized.

In addition to Christians, Hare Krishnas are also in the crosshairs of the authorities on charges of distributing “extremist literature”. The incident occurred in April in the east of the country. Now judges must decide whether to refer them to trial. In recent days, instead proceedings against two Jehovah’s Witnesses, on trial for having spoken in public about their faith in the northern region of Kostanai, were shelved.



Here are the Hare Krishnas of Kazakhstan, their temple was recently destroyed by the government. 

In conclusion minorities are treated as non-humans in Kazakhstan, the non-Muslim population is constantly persecuted by Jihad and Islam.

Muslim Population of Mumbai is 20%, riots becoming more common

Mumbai is the glamour city of India, home to the famous Bollywood celebrities, and Marathi folk culture, but is this Indian culture under threat by Islamists? 

In the past 12 years, there have been 400 communal riots in Mumbai, mostly all done by Muslims.

Islam is the fastest growing religion in India, the average Indian Muslim mother gives birth to 4-5 children, significantly higher than any other religion in India, for India is home to 6 different religions. 

We have seen Islamic attacks on Mumbai before, for example the tragic 2008 Mumbai attacks on the Taj Hotel, which was perpetrated by Islamic fundamentalists on November 26th, done by Muslim terrorists from Pakistan. 


In 2012, there were many radical Muslim riots in Mumbai, attacking Hindus. One Muslim was even caught hoisting the Pakistani flag on the Azad Maidan. 



The radical Muslim, Zakir Naik is also from Mumbai, he was just recently banned from speaking publicly in India due to his anti-Hindu, anti-Israel, and anti-Western speeches, he is believed to have encouraged Muslims in the riots. 



Mumbai Hindus have a great culture, every year they celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi for 11 days, Ganesh is the Hindu Elephant God. But could this years long tradition be under threat? 



Just recently, Bala Thackery passed away, he was the leader for the Marathi Hindus, he strongly objected to Muslim rule, he once said that if the Kashmiri Muslims do not do the Ratha Yatra, we will see how they go to do Hajj. He was a great leader for the Hindus of Mumbai, but now that he has passed away, no one has been so influential enough to take his spot, he is the one who changed the name Bombay to Mumbai



Mumbai was founded in the 17th century by Portuguese traders, it was never meant for Muslims to live in. 


9 Indications the twenty-first century will be the century when Islam is destroyed

It all starts from the Internet, the free-flow of information throughout the world. Many things have already begun in 2014 that may indicate the future of this century.

1) SOCHI OLYMPIC GAMES – separatist Muslims are threatening to attack the Olympics during Sochi, already two Russian transit systems have been attacked, and threats have been also sent to other countries. Russian President Vladimir Putin has vowed to destroy the terrorists in Chechnya, and after the Olympics, declare war on Saudi Arabia, and destroy them.

2) THE RISE OF BUDDHIST NATIONALISM IN SOUTH-EAST ASIA – in Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and other countries, the Buddhist Nationalists are awakening, this has created political tensions between Buddhists and Muslims, the Buddhists are now realising that their ancestors suffered due to Islam, they still continue to, and they cannot let the Khalifah spread again.

3) CHRISTIAN REVOLUTIONARY ARMY in CENTRAL REPUBLIC OF AFRICA – Muslim armies are massing, and the counter-Jihad Christian army is defending itself, they have begun the destruction of the Mosques, and neighbouring Christian countries, and Muslim countries will also get involved to create continent wide tension for peace.


4) NARENDRA MODI to BECOME THE PRIME MINISTER OF INDIA – Narendra Modi is currently the CM of Gujarat, a Hindu Nationalist, he is critical of Islam, and Indian Muslims, he served in the Indian Army as a young man when India was fighting Pakistan over Kashmir (the war where Pakistan surrendered and cried like little babies), the Indian General Elections are scheduled for May 15th, 2014, and according to several polls conducted by the Indian media, he is the number one choice. He was also accused of fuelling the 2002 Godhra riots between Hindus and Muslims.


5) AWAKENING of SERBIAN CHRISTIANS – the Christians of Serbia will take Kosovo back from the Bosnian Muslims who destroyed their country, they have had enough, soon the Serbian Revolution shall begin again.


6) CHINA WILL CONTINUE TO DISCOURAGE ISLAM – during Eid ul fitra in 2013, China discouraged Muslims to celebrate, they banned veils and public celebrations, and will continue to in the coming years.


7) CANADIAN PM STEPHEN HARPER in ISRAEL – PM Stephen Harper said some meaningful words  in support of Israel, he said quote, “Through fire and water, Canada will stand with Israel.” which pissed two Palestinian members off so much, they jumped up and left the room.


8) TONY ABBOTT, PM of AUSTRALIA will BACKLASH TO INDONESIAN MUSLIM IMMIGRANTS – for a long time we all know, Indonesia a 87.5% Muslim country has been sending large ships full of illegals to Australia, meanwhile back in Indonesia, they burn the Aussie flag. Now that Australia has Tony Abbott, this will be over with!


9) ANGOLA will CONTINUE to DEMOLISH MOSQUES – last year, Angola banned Islam, and they will continue to de-Islamisicise their country!