Muslim Population of Mumbai is 20%, riots becoming more common

Mumbai is the glamour city of India, home to the famous Bollywood celebrities, and Marathi folk culture, but is this Indian culture under threat by Islamists? 

In the past 12 years, there have been 400 communal riots in Mumbai, mostly all done by Muslims.

Islam is the fastest growing religion in India, the average Indian Muslim mother gives birth to 4-5 children, significantly higher than any other religion in India, for India is home to 6 different religions. 

We have seen Islamic attacks on Mumbai before, for example the tragic 2008 Mumbai attacks on the Taj Hotel, which was perpetrated by Islamic fundamentalists on November 26th, done by Muslim terrorists from Pakistan. 


In 2012, there were many radical Muslim riots in Mumbai, attacking Hindus. One Muslim was even caught hoisting the Pakistani flag on the Azad Maidan. 



The radical Muslim, Zakir Naik is also from Mumbai, he was just recently banned from speaking publicly in India due to his anti-Hindu, anti-Israel, and anti-Western speeches, he is believed to have encouraged Muslims in the riots. 



Mumbai Hindus have a great culture, every year they celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi for 11 days, Ganesh is the Hindu Elephant God. But could this years long tradition be under threat? 



Just recently, Bala Thackery passed away, he was the leader for the Marathi Hindus, he strongly objected to Muslim rule, he once said that if the Kashmiri Muslims do not do the Ratha Yatra, we will see how they go to do Hajj. He was a great leader for the Hindus of Mumbai, but now that he has passed away, no one has been so influential enough to take his spot, he is the one who changed the name Bombay to Mumbai



Mumbai was founded in the 17th century by Portuguese traders, it was never meant for Muslims to live in. 



2 thoughts on “Muslim Population of Mumbai is 20%, riots becoming more common

  1. sujit says:

    Mumbai is not only a Hindu city, there are many Buddhists too and the history of Mumbai began with King Ashoka. There are many Buddha Vihars in Mumbai. Why the are not shown in this article?

  2. markx says:

    The ancient enemy of God the serpent make use of religion to destroy humanity

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